Six reasons Minnesota students should vote this year

Younger voters are known for their low turn-out rates, but in 2012 they showed up in record numbers and helped decide the fate of the presidential election. While the president isn’t up for re-election for another two years, there’s still plenty of reasons for younger voters, particularly colleges students, to vote this year. Here’s six reasons why young voters should practice their civic duty on Election Day. 1. You’re a target demographic this electionThis year’s election season has a few competitive races in student-heavy districts that young voters should look out for.In District 60B, which includes neighborhoods around the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities, incumbent Rep. Phyllis Kahn, DFL-Minneapolis, is facing a strong challenger in Mohamud Noor. Noor supporters pushed Kahn, who has represented the district since 1972, out of getting the DFL endorsement in April.Ryan Kennedy, executive director of Minnesota Public Interest Research Group said the Kahn-Noor race is particularly important because whoever wins has a lot of potential to be a strong voice in higher education policy.The 60B race also features two drastically different candidates. Continue Reading