COMMUNITY VOICES | The aftermath: An introspective look on the Unchain Our Children rally

On Wednesday, February 26th, NAACP St. Paul Youth and Collegiate Branch and students from Central High School hosted a youth organized protest and walk out against the school to prison pipeline. This was a project that stems from student concerns about the mistreatment of low income youth and youth of color within the school system. The “Unchain Our Children” movement was birthed out of a desire to bring more awareness to the systematic complexities and harms of the school to prison pipeline.The protest was a tremendous success and was an outstanding first step to the procession of this commendable campaign. Over the course of an hour and a half, more than 200 community members and organizers rounded up at Central High School in bone biting negative reaching weather. Continue Reading

COMMUNITY VOICES | “Unchain Our Children” youth organized rally against the school to prison pipeline

On February 26th at 12:30pm, NAACP St. Paul Youth and Collegiate Branch is organizing a protest against the school to prison pipeline at Central High School in St. Paul, MN. The “Unchain the Children” protest is youth organized protest that is fighting back against the criminalization of youth of color and low income youth in the Twin Cities public school system. This protest is attached to a larger project where Central High School and other public schools will be told to look deeply into their disciplinary action and how it is problematic.Disciplinary action that is taken in MN must be examined, deconstructed, and completely reconstructed. Continue Reading