MN VOICES | Remembering Minnie

Last July in Albuquerque a tall, thin, noisy woman walked through the hotel glass doors, hollered my name, hollered the name of someone else, hugged a man, and hugged me, all the while doing that Indian nose nod thing to everyone in sight.Minnie Two Shoes had arrived at her umpteenth Native American Journalists Association conference, and worked the crowd with the energy of a small nuclear bomb. At a commemorative luncheon that weekend celebrating NAJA’s 25th anniversary, Minnie received praise for her work as a founding NAJA member. During her rapid-fire comments to the audience, she used words like “snarky” and “snaggin'” and we laughed. How we laughed. When Minnie entered any room in the world, laughter walked in with her, sat down and stayed.Minnie Two Shoes, irreverent, extraordinarily intelligent and hilarious, died in Minneapolis on April 9 from cancer. Continue Reading

On to Wisconsin Point

On an unusually warm November day, the Indian Scout and I headed for Lake Superior’s Wisconsin Point to gauge the trash situation. To our relief, not much garbage marred the famous three-mile sand bar for which FDL Band Members once literally fought tooth and nail. Continue Reading