Arts Orbit Radar 8/25/11


What’s happening this week

On the radar

“We’re so sticky and glittery,” I overheard one teenage girl say to another last month at the sultry-hot Pitchfork Music Festival, “It’s like Ke$ha threw up on us.” Your best shot at having that actual experience is Tuesday at the Roy Wilkins Auditorium.

After an itinerant year following the closure of Bedlam Theatre’s West Bank space, the infamous dance night Bomp lands a big-time Friday night slot at First Ave, with support from the merry wo/men (including me) of MTN’s Freaky Deeky.

The Soap Factory’s exhibit of work by Guo Gai, Meng Tang, and Slinko “addresses issues of society, memory, language, and loss, while retaining an emphasis on the beauty and power of the object.” That means absolutely nothing, but the show—which opens this weekend—should still be worth checking out.

Under the radar

I usually try to do better than just reprinting promo text for events, but I think you really need to read this whole thing to understand what the Twin Cities EJ Festival is all about: “Celebrating the 10th anniversary of the EJ Midi Turntable, with VJ’s DJ’s and EJ’s performing Video – Music – New Media – Mapping – Software developers – iPad – Hardware – Mods – iPhone media apps, Circuit MODS, 3D graphics, video and projection, 2D computer raster graphics, computer simulations, VHS/DVD Mixes, keyframing, inverse kinematics, Computer vision, Image processing, 2D computer vector graphics, motion capture, glitch video, Anaglyph image processing, Modeling objects or environments, Laser mapping, artificial vision systems, augmented reality, Mobile Video performances and more!” All this for just three bucks! Saturday night at the Record Room.

Jeremy Messersmith and Chastity Brown will perform at a fundraiser happy hour for the top-notch theater company Savage Umbrella, Thursday at Open Book.

“Neoclassical” and “minimalist” are not tags often applied to shows at the Cedar, but they fit (well, kind of) Sunday’s bill featuring Brooklyn Rider, who will perform Philip Glass’s string quartets—for my money, the most profound and beautiful music in Glass’s entire oeuvre.

Daily Planet arts roundup


The Names of Love: Full frontal comedy, politics (feature by Michael Fox)
Passione and The Real American: Summer festival finds (feature by Al Milgrom)


Things Janet Jackson should do while she’s in Minnesota (blog post by Jay Gabler and Courtney Algeo)
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Benefit helps to establish Korean-Adoptee Youth Choir (feature by Maya Nishikawa)
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Pitchfork Music Festival, part three: TV On The Radio, Cut Copy, Deerhunter, Odd Future, and more (photos and capsule reviews by Jay Gabler)

Theater and Dance

Kevin Kling’s Joice Rejoice: “I would never respect a God I could understand” (review by Jean Greenwood)
An Evening with JonBenét Ramsey set to disquiet at the Cedar-Riverside People’s Center (preview by Dwight Hobbes)
Review—An Evening with JonBenét Ramsey—Wolfpack Productions—Five stars (blog post by Matthew A. Everett)
Alcina’s Island: A Picnic Operetta at the Eleanor Graham Community Garden (feature by Union Park District Council staff)

Visual Arts

Broken Crow goes for speed in new Minneapolis cheetah mural (blog post by Paul Schmelzer)
Swoon brings Haiti to Minneapolis (blog post by Paul Schmelzer)


A pioneering business, an abandoned riverfront property, and sushi (blog post by Jeff Skrenes)
Breakfast lollypop? Salad on a stick? 21 new foods at Minnesota State Fair (feature by Barb Teed)
Types of people who are like, “YES! Finally there’s a Dunn Bros. on Eat Street! Now I don’t have to go to Spyhouse any more!” (blog post by Jay Gabler, Courtney Algeo, and Jeff Rutherford)
University chicken class (blog post by Amy Doeun)


Chicks and dogs: Super happy dog (blog post by Jennifer Kroiss)
Summer in the Twin Cities is almost over! I’d better hurry up and… (blog post by Jay Gabler, Courtney Algeo, and Nicky Stein-Grohs)
New at the Minnesota State Fair: Cell phone history tour and “the most impressive new building on the fairground in decades” (feature by Barb Teed)
Great bike rides of the Twin Cities that begin and end at my house #2: The Grand Rounds (blog post by Steve Date)
Split Rock Lighthouse: Of national importance (blog post by Amy Rea)
Belief addiction (blog post by Emilio DeGrazia)
Donations politely rejected by the Minnesota Historical Society (blog post by Jay Gabler, Kelsey McDonough, Sarah Heuer, Jason Zabel, Betsy Gabler, and Sarah Harper)

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