Are Minneapolis CRA Board members incompetent or delusional?


Dear City Council Members:
Six of the current ten members of the Civilian Review Authority Board were appointed by you, and the other four were approved by you, so I thought you might be able to address my concern: Why have you appointed or approved ten board members who are obviously incompetent, delusional or both?
These ten people have unanimously expressed their frustration with Police Chief Dolan’s continuing practice not to impose discipline in CRA-sustained cases of police officer misconduct. Yet none of you has made any public statement about what could drive these board members to such a preposterous conclusion.
In its “CRA Participation in Performance Review of MPD Chief Dolan” report, the ten misguided board members wrote that in the 12 months ending June 30, 2010, 6 out of 52 sustained allegations had resulted in discipline. (In 6 others of the 52, the Chief’s decisions were pending.) While the situation changed dramatically in the third quarter of 2010 when 5 of 11 CRA-sustained allegations resulted in discipline, since that time Chief Dolan has issued discipline in 0 of 9 sustained allegations. The Chief continues to explain his no-discipline decisions in terms that make it clear he is really overturning the CRA findings.
I am forced to conclude that all ten members of the CRA board are either incompetent in their ability to determine if officer misconduct has occurred or they are delusional in expecting that discipline will likely follow in more than 11 out of 66 sustained cases of misconduct. If it’s the former, Chief Dolan should be applauded for unlawfully rejecting their decisions. If it’s the latter, maybe you should use your power to remove these ten delusional individuals. Although Mayor Rybak has assured me he does not believe these people are either incompetent or delusional, I cannot come up with a third alternative to explain the continual whining of CRA board members.
If you have another explanation for the strange behavior of these ten individuals, please share it with me.
Chuck Turchick