NEIGHBORHOOD NOTES | Alberto Monserrate interviews Bethune soccer players for La Invasora


On November 19, Alberto Monserrate interviewed members of the Bethune soccer team on La Invasora, AM 1400. La Invasora is Minnesota’s largest Spanish language radio station.

The Bethune Soccer Players tell Mr. Monserrate they hope to play indoor soccer in the Bethune gym this winter

The Bethune soccer team members live at City View apartments in North Minneapolis.  Last month the Bethune soccer team won the Minneapolis Parks citywide soccer tournament.

The Bethune soccer players and their City View families have also been working with councilmember Don Samuels for months  to get rid of La Montaña, a thirty foot high pile of construction debris that has been a dangerous eyesore for years.

The Bethune soccer players and councilmember Samuels cheered earlier this month when a steam shovel and bulldozer arrived and razed La Montaña to the ground.

Councilmember Don Samuels and Bethune soccer players cheer the removal of La Montaña

Alberto Monserrate is president of La Invasora, La Prensa and LCNMedia.  Mr Monserrate is also a board member for the Minneapolis Public Schools.

Alberto Monserrate praised the Bethune players both for their community work and for their success in the soccer tournament

The Bethune soccer players also said that they have played winter indoor soccer in the Bethune gym the last two winters, and hope to be able to play indoor soccer at Bethune gym again this winter.

Mr. Monserrate congratulated the players for their work on and off the field, was pleased to hear that they had used the Bethune gym for indoor soccer, and hoped one day to see them in action.

Bethune Soccer Team celebrates winning the Minneapolis Parks citywide soccer tournament