Zone will support North High growth


North High School will have a designated attendance area for the 2012-2013 school year that includes the Bethune and Bryn Mawr attendance areas.   
This attendance area is in addition to the citywide option for all Minneapolis Public Schools (MPS) high school students.  Students who request North High School outside of Zone 1 will be eligible for a Metro Transit Go To Card.  Students who live in Zone 1 outside the one-mile walk zone, will be eligible for MPS yellow bus transportation.
According to US Census data 2010, the Bethune area has 245 students and Bryn Mawr has 99, giving a total of 344 potential incoming 9th graders for 2012.  There are 148 8th graders living in Bethune and Bryn Mawr attending a Minneapolis Public School.
The attendance zones were chosen, because of North’s location in the Bethune attendance area, and the proximity of the Bryn Mawr attendance area to North Area.  62 of the 148 MPS 8th graders attend Anwatin in the Bryn Mawr area and the rest are spread out among the Zone 1 K-8’s.
According to the April 1, 2010 census, Zone 1 is composed of 148 8th graders from the North attendance zone, 362 from Henry and 162 from Edison, giving a total of 672 8th graders.  The potential of incoming 9th graders from this attendance zone is 1,067 students. 
Students who live in the 1C, 1D area will have first priority to attend North High.