Your Turn: Talk back on the state of the city in Minneapolis


Mayor Rybak gave the state of the city speech March 25, Scott Russell wrote about it in the TC Daily Planet, and now it’s your turn to have your say. Tell us what you think — as a comment, as an op/ed article, in an email or in a video.

Take a minute to give your feedback to Mayor Rybak, to TCDP readers, to anyone who is concerned about the state of the city in Minneapolis. Tell us what’s on your mind, what you think of the mayor’s speech, what you see as priorities, problems and solutions.

• What do you want the leaders of the city’s new economic roundtable to understand about your current work situation?
• The city has major roles in providing pubic safety and quality local roads. Can the city and mayor play a major role in job creation?
• Is the China trip a good move and do you want the city to follow Austin’s lead and invest in foreign trade offices?
• In his speech, the mayor touted the city’s two Workforce Centers. Have you used them and have they been helpful?