Young mom’s “real food” challenge, why she quit after 41 days, lessons


JC Konecny’s no quitter, yet this young mother jumped off the lucrative career track to devote her time and talents to raising her two little girls. The mind and wit behind the What Housewife blog, JC journals her experience into full-time homemaking.

Last year, JC found and investigated the merits of grass-fed beef purchased at a local Target store. Concerned about the well being of her young children, JC went on to challenge herself to 100 days of buying and cooking foods that were local, not processed, and organic, if possible. She also cut out white sugar. Despite her focus on her family, JC found she didn’t have enough time to hunt down the real, local and healthful foods she wants for her family. In fact, JC halted the contest 41 days into the effort and found she’d learned lessons she’ll be applying for years to come. JC’s come away with interesting observations and insights about our nation’s food system.

I think you’ll enjoy this candid, Deep Roots Radio conversation with JC. [Audio below]