FREE SPEECH ZONE | Yet another thorn for China: Newly formed Regional Tibetan Youth Congress of Wisconsin pledge to fight until Tibet is Free


Madison, WI – On October 9, 2010

Regional Tibetan Youth Congress of Wisconsin celebrated the 41st Anniversary of the Tibetan Youth Congress Founding Day in association with RTYC-MN with a live band performance from Melong.

The event began with speeches from the Presidents of RTYC-WI, RTYC-MN, and Wisconsin’s Tibetan Association Secretary. Wisconsin’s seven executive board members took a pledge to follow and uphold the Tibetan Youth Congress mission and bylaws in front of His Holiness the Dalai Lama’s portrait. Over 150 Tibetans from the community came to support the newly formed RTYC chapter.

The Founding event was successful. The support RTYC-WI received from the Tibetan community, RTYC-MN board members, and the inspirational songs from the band Melong reminded Tibetan youth just how far they have come since the inception of the Tibetan Youth Congress, inspiring board members to keep the Rangzen flame lit.

The RTYC board members are a diverse group of young residents around Madison, brought together by Rangzen goals. There are a number of reasons they felt the need to start an RTYC-WI chapter.

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First, there are growing numbers of Tibetan families in Madison, with younger generations showing considerable interest in the Tibetan movement. Having an organization to turn to is an important source to spark and nurture their interest.

Second, the Tibetan community in Madison is highly respected by both the local communities as well as elected officials because of the strong ties between the H.H. Dalai Lama and the University of Wisconsin – Madison. This relationship will be further built upon in order to gain more support in the struggle for Tibet, as well as help make Tibet a global issue.

Finally, the Midwest Chinese consulate in Chicago has been previously known to put pressure on neighboring officials to change their policies regarding Tibet issues. Therefore, it is strategically important to have a chapter in Madison.

With the support from the Tibetan community in Wisconsin, RTYC wants to expose China’s gross human rights violations and their illegal occupation of Tibet. Supporters can further educate Wisconsin by taking part in campaigns and protests. More importantly, RTYC can lay the foundation for future generations of Tibetans in the fight for complete independence of Tibet.