MONDAY PICK | Happy hour for days


Growing up in Milwaukee, Wis. where Miller Lite and PBR are the city’s prized libations reared me to be the frugal drinker I am today. That’s not to say I don’t know and can’t enjoy a good beer (I definitely can); what I’m saying is I drink these beers without any irony whatsoever. So starts the 2012 Yelp Drinks on Monday, April 9 for the next seven days where the thrifty drinkers can indulge a bit without opening their wallets too wide. Fine drinking establishments like Barbette, Pat’s Tap, and Town Hall Brewery (among many others) are offering a selection of their proudest concoctions for 50 percent of the cost (just mention Yelp Drinks) at any hour of the day (so long as it’s open). It’s a happy week ahead, indeed.