MUSIC PHOTOS | Xavier Rudd at the Minnesota Zoo Amphitheatre


July: The time in Minnesota for enjoying long summer evenings before we are strong-armed into the icy hold of winter which inevitably comes. We love the energy the warm summer sun brings to us, the energy we long for during the winter months. This same energy can come from music. As deep rhythm blends with the warm evening breeze, this energy flows through the amphitheatre. The voices of the crowd croon in unison with the chorus exuding from the speakers, and every soul is one with Xavier Rudd. They all transcend together, and in this environment the dead of winter seems like it will never be seen again as the pulse of life, and warmth, and sun, and music fill the July air. May these photos satisfy the visual appetite of the viewer’s soul, and may they represent what the experience of an  Xavier Rudd concert is like.