World/National Headlines | June 9, 2009 | Peru, Nigeria


Battle in Peru Democracy Now reports that police massacred dozens of indigenous protesters and protesters killed several police, and took more hostage, in a confrontation in the Amazonian region of Peru.

On Friday morning, some 600 Peruvian riot police and helicopters attacked a peaceful indigenous blockade outside of Bagua, killing twenty-five and injuring more than 150. Eyewitness accounts indicate the police fired live ammunition and tear gas into the crowd. The images our TV viewers are watching are from an on-the-ground eyewitness to the attack. Our radio listeners can see these images on our website, …

GREGOR MacLENNAN [of Amazon Watch]: People have been protesting against a government and government policy that ignores indigenous peoples, that sees the Amazon as being unproductive and sees indigenous people as essentially a waste of space. What the government wants to do is open up the Amazon’s private investment. They see the future of development there to be biofuel plantations, oil drilling, mining, forestry and large corporate investments, and indigenous people are just getting in the way.

BBC reports that Alberto Pizango, an indigenous leader, has taken refuge in the Nicaraguan Embassy.

Shell settles in Nigeria Royal Dutch Shell has agreed to pay $15.5m to settle a lawsuit brought in the U.S. and based on human rights abuses in Nigeria, reports BBC. The lawsuit was based on claims of Shell involvement in human rights abuses, including the execution of Ken Saro-Wiwa and 14 other anti-Shell activists in 1995.

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