Living in a Northwest Airlines hub, we Minneapolitans have to live with less than stellar flights from time to time (like our cancelled flight home from San Francisco recently; the airline rescheduled us to a midnight flight that took seven hours. When we chose to stay an extra night at a hotel instead, they refused to kick in for the extra expense). So when given a chance to give a little less to this repeatedly disappointing company, I jump.

Dear Paul Schmelzer,
Thank you for agreeing to take our survey this past weekend. We apologize for the technical difficulties that prevented you from completing the survey. The problems have been corrected and we invite you to click here to take the survey you began last weekend.

To show our appreciation for the extra time that you have spent on this, we will deposit 750 Bonus Miles into your WorldPerks account if you complete the survey before July 5, 2007. This survey will take less than 5 minutes to complete.

Like their recent offer of 500 free miles in exchange for filling out a survey. I tried to take the survey, but a technical glitch prevented it. Today, I was asked again, only the ante — measley already — was upped to 750 miles. I successfully completed the survey and, in true Northwest fashion, got my reward…. 500 free miles.

Totally minor, but par for the course.