FREE SPEECH ZONE | Workout Series: Snap Fitness


Anyone who knows me knows that I am a huge fan of where you can get “social buying” deals all aggregated into one e-mail. The best part is that it gets sorted into different sections – all your restaurant coupons in one place, but most importantly you’ll also get all your health and fitness coupons in one place.

 I am also a big fan of “sampling” because the worst thing is to try out a new gym. They always sucker you in because the price of one class is always between $15 and $20. Or you can purchase punch cards for a cheaper average price per class. However, if there is no trial period and you’re forced to make a purchase you will never know if its the right gym/workout facility for you. For me, sometimes I like the facility, but not the instructors. Other times it’s the other way around.

A couple months ago, I decided to get the Snap Fitness deal online through Groupon. I joined at the Golden Valley location, but decided that I should sneak in quick workouts over lunch. Through some quick online research, I figured out that there was one located in the Thrivent Financial Center. That’s where I became disheartened.

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 The people at Golden Valley Snap told me that through my key card, I had access to every gym. When I went to the Snap at Thrivent, I couldn’t get into the doors. Then it became this routine conversation with the people who worked at the downtown location that I had to go talk to the people in Golden Valley, get my membership transferred to the one downtown if I was going to be there more often because they are all individually franchised etc. etc.

 In summary, the hassle annoyed me so I cancelled my membership after my one month trial.

 There were a lot of pros though:

 1) When you initially join you get a discount on personal training. Three 45-minute sessions for $99. That’s a pretty good deal.

 2) You also get a free personal assessment of your fitness level.

 3) If the keycard would have worked, it would have been nice because there are Snap Fitnesses everywhere. If you kept workout clothes in your car…you don’t have an excuse not to work out. 

4) There are a few group workout classes offered (at least through the Golden Valley location) so that you can use that to step it up. I think you have to pay for the additional group classes downtown Minneapolis.

 5) They are open all the time so it’s very convenient