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Which is unfortunate…because I was so excited the first day I met with the personal trainer at Avatar. I thought…I want to be just as fit as those blue creatures in the Avatar movie and this is the perfect opportunity to do so.

This was another deal. I paid $40 for a $150 credit towards PT training sessions. So I could either do two – one hour sessions or apply it towards packages that were a minimum of $600. Included in the $40 was also an initial fitness assessment.

Initially this sort of started off on the wrong foot. It took me nearly two weeks to even schedule the first initial consultation because no one returned my phone calls.

Right off the bat, I really liked the personal trainer. He was all about alignment which I’m very keen on because I went through a mat pilates certification course at Lonna Mosow’s many moons ago. I believe in that “truth” of pilates…that exercise is really only effective if you do it with proper form. Otherwise, it is a waste of time because you’re straining your muscles and not even working on the appropriate ones. My PT was certified in everything – yoga, gyrotonics etc. etc.

My PT trainer helped me correct my form even when walking (apparently I slump and I don’t use my lower ab muscles to keep my back straight). This is all good information to be reminded of since I have a desk job and can use any critiques on proper form during the times that I’m actually on my feet.

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After our session together, the trainer asked me to decide: am I going to just do two more PT sessions or will I apply my money towards one of the $600 packages. And I thought to myself…”I’m not going to commit.” I hate even committing to a cell phone company…I’m not going to decide after one PT session whether I’m going to fork out an extra $600 and have to see you every week. What if you’re not annoying me now…but you start annoying me? I don’t want to engage in a long term relationship with someone after one intial meeting.

That’s when things really went downhill.

This PT trainer wouldn’t return my e-mails for two weeks. And then asked me to schedule another session with him. That was not cool.

The gym itself was alright. There were two floors – one where the gym equipment was (weights, a few machines) and the second floor had all the pilates reformers and other complicated workout equipment.

To be fair – I get it…I mean…the gym was trying to get new customers and get them to sign on. Its a sales tactic. They probably didn’t want to schedule me in for a session if some other fully paying customer wants a time slot with them. I think this just made me nervous because what if someone else bought a larger package than I did…then does that mean I’ll always have to work out at odd times?

ANYWAYS – so my quest for the “perfect gym” didn’t quite work out here. The journey continues.