Wondering what the Affordable Care Act means for your nonprofit organization?


Next Tuesday, October 1, is go live day! MNsure, the state’s new health insurance marketplace, will officially open for business. It is truly exciting to think of how MNsure will help hundreds of thousands of Minnesotans get affordable and comprehensive health coverage.

But we also know that big changes bring uncertainty. Lately, we’ve been getting questions from nonprofit employers who are wondering what the Affordable Care Act means for their organizations.

Nonprofits are an important element of the state’s economy. There are nearly 3,600 nonprofit employers in Minnesota, with the nonprofit sector employing about 12 percent of the state’s workforce. Many of these nonprofit employers are facing important choices regarding health insurance.

To help ease some of the uncertainty, the Minnesota Budget Project and the Minnesota Council of Nonprofits have just released an issue brief to demystify some of the key elements of the Affordable Care Act. The brief, FAQ: Health Care Reform and Minnesota’s Nonprofit Employers considers 16 commonly asked questions and includes links to additional resources.

An example of the kind of information included in the FAQ: All employers – including nonprofits – are required to provide written notice to their employees of health insurance options available through MNsure by October 1 (yep, that’s next Tuesday). More information and model notices are available from the U.S. Department of Labor.

Remember, the ACA also brings new options for offering health insurance, especially for small employers. Our FAQ will help nonprofits identify these new opportunities.