The women who put an end to the Liberian war


by Nekessa Opoti | March 4, 2009 • Pray the Devil Back to Hell is a must-watch documentary. You might have heard about how thousands of women in Liberia were instrumental in sending Charles Taylor and other warlords to Ghana for peace talks at the height of the Liberian war.

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Maybe you saw one of the women Leymah Gbowee in a telephone interview on CNN’s international edition. However, chances are you have not heard this inspiring story. Because let’s face it no one was interested in telling these women’s story; least of all the international media that was covering the crisis at the time (not just the Western media, but also African media).Their story will pull at your heartstrings. It’s a beautiful story. And I promise you will cry and laugh, and then cry and laugh with them. I did. Check it out, and come back and discuss.

The film will be showing at the Lagoon Cinema in Minneapolis from today Friday, February 27th through Thursday, March 5th.

Update made on March 4th: I just got off the phone with someone from the Lagoon, and he says the film has done incredibly well that they will be showing it until March 15th.

Read my review here, with excerpts from an interview I had with the director of Pray the Devil Back to Hell, Gini Reticker.