Women who blog, women who farm


Earlier this summer, I had a Deep Roots Radio chat with Elisa Camahort Page, a co-founder of BlogHer, an online community of women who blog. Although I’ve blogged for years – written and posted an online collection of farm stories and a growing archive of radio interviews – I had no idea there are millions of women doing the same thing on a wide range of issues and interests. In fact, reports Elisa, women who blog about food have made BlogHer one of the top three social media sites about the topic, along with Recipes.com and Food Network.

Certainly blogging – a modern-day way to share a story – has become popular among women who farm. And interest is growing because all farmers are searching for new ways to build business, and reach out to their local market for local foods.

In fact, this coming Thursday afternoon, Oct. 3, I’ll be talking blogs and story-telling in a webinar hosted by WFAN – the Women, Food & Agriculture Network. This presentation is the 6th in WFAN’s Plate-to-Politics webinar series.Thanks to Internet technology, we’ll be able to chat and exchange questions and comments during our time together.

If you blog or farm, or are thinking of doing so, please join me for the webinar. It’ll run from 2-3:30 PM Central Time, and registration is free.

Till then, please enjoy this recorded interview with BlogHer’s Elisa Camahort Page. [Audio below]