Women, Food and Agriculture Network: 3000+ women pushing for sustainable ag, real food


The Women, Food & Agriculture Network– 3,000+ women from across the U.S. and several countries overseas. I think of them as the tip of the iceberg, the front edge of a powerful wave, the giant awakened.

The wonderful thing about this particular giant is that she’s working for the benefit of families and farms. WFAN’s objectives are healthful foods, social justice, environmental stewardship, fair wages and agricultural policies that work for the benefit of diversified farms. At least, that’s why I’m grateful for this network of amazing women: farmers experienced and new, policy makers, teachers, home makers, land owners, international influencers, and marketers.

Where and why did WFAN get started in the late 1990s? How’s it preparing women for public office? And where can women farmers meet to get technical help? And how does this affect my dinner, anyway?

If you’re a food shopper, cook, farmer or rancher, I think you’ll enjoy this Deep Roots Radio conversation with WFAN’s Executive Director Leigh Adcock.

If you’re looking for information and learning opportunities, you’ll want to go to the WFAN website sooner than later. There are events scheduled in May.

Enjoy. [Audio below]

Leigh Adcock is the Executive Director of the Women, Food & Agriculture Network (WFAN).