Wishes for the Sky 2009


Wishes For the Sky 2009 was celebrated April 19, 2009 on Harriet Island. With kites and music and people of all ages, the event provided many beautiful images. Here are a few, along with some wishes recorded in the Wishes for the Sky blog.
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From the blog:

Wishes for the Sky is an emerging tradition—an annual, free, interactive public art event that encourages community and sustainability through wishing, kite-flying, music, poetry, visual arts, and education. Wishes for the Sky is an interactive experience that invites the public to participate in creating a work of art. Participants write wishes on hand-made, bird-shaped kites and fly them to create an evolving mobile sculpture in the sky. The soundtrack for the event is provided by the audience as they “play” wind chimes or add their voices to an interactive sound collage.

“All have enough, none have too much.”

“May my children fly like a kite on this beautiful world.”

“I wish more people would smile!”


“I wish for sweet grasses and butterflies.”

More photos and wishes at Wishes for the Sky blog