Winter kite flying at Lake Harriet January 8


I have been able to attend four Lake Harriet Winter Kite Festivals up to this date January 1st, 2011. The festival is set to take place Saturday, January 8th, 2011. The next Saturday (Jan 15) is selected as a second day if weather prevents the first to occur.

The first year I became aware of the event, 2005, the festival was canceled due to weather conditions. Likewise the 2007 event failed to proceed on either of the two Saturdays in January that had been scheduled for the gathering. I found out about the festival from a poster on a pole.

poster about 2005 kite festival

But I, and many kite flyers, did get out on the lake in 2006.

Winter Kite Festival 2006 starting up

Winter Kite Festival 2006 Mr. Kite

To keep a kid’s attention, a melted marshmallow or two

Winter Kite Festival 2006 marshmallow

Winter Kite Festival 2006 skate below the kites

Of course as the lake is frozen, skating may be in order,

or just walking with the dog, under kites, next to tykes.

Winter Kite Festival 2006 dog tyke kite

Winter Kite Festival 2006 stroll

A simple stroll, will do.

There were huge kites, with a puffed up Blue Meanie

Winter Kite Festival 2006 huge blue meanie

and assorted friends,

Winter Kite Festival 2006 assorted friends

Winter Kite Festival 2006 MN kite society

Mr. Kite and the MN Kite Society were excellent hosts each of the years.

An earlier TC Daily Planet article with more images about the Winter Kite Festival for 2008.

The 2007 Winter Kite Festival was also unable to be held on either of the two dates. However Mr. Kite and many friends returned in 2008, and shared a line.

Winter Kite Festival 2008 Mr. Kite and friend

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources offered ice fishing lessons and lines to the youth, for free. I am fairly sure the fish were not threatened.

Winter Kite Festival 2008 young fishers

Even some teens were impressed.

Winter Kite Festival 2008 cool teens

Winter Kite Festival 2008 thick kite line

The large kites were impressive as were their lines, and the anchors in the ice.

Winter Kite Festival 2008 large anchor

Winter Kite Festival 2008 look at that kite

Winter Kite Festival 2008 elder kiter

And many kids of all ages flew their more modest craft. The East Harriet Neighborhood Association supplied many of the volunteers and served up hot cocoa.

Winter Kite Festival 2008 hot cocoa

I captured more images of the services the neighborhood association and others groups assisting in 2009. The event is free and you should bring your kite (and camera), but inexpensive kites are available at the site. 

Winter Kite Festival 2009 East Harriet Farmstead

The volunteers help in conducting free medallion hunts, and lead snowshoe excursions.

Winter Kite Festival 2009 medallion hunts

Winter Kite Festival 2009 volunteers

Winter Kite Festival 2009 snowshoe

Much like the huge kites floating above, some immense horses made a profound presence as they pulled the free wagon ride.

Winter Kite Festival 2009 horse team

It was interesting how the two horses maneuvered together; timed team work with such natural rhythms. The fish kept away from the chase just as naturally.

Winter Kite Festival 2009 natural fishers

But, but, , the fish was too big to fit through the hole! As a blue fish shaped kite swam the wind just above heads.

Winter Kite Festival 2009 big fish

The following year, 2010, a huge bear appeared, an outstandingly large bear with HUG ME on its chest.

Winter Kite Festival 2010 overview

Winter Kite Festival 2010 feet on the ground

The new mixed with the old, the huge with the bold, as kids danced with the bear. 

Winter Kite Festival 2010 big and light

Winter Kite Festival 2010 hug me

Winter Kite Festival 2010 rocking horse

Winter Kite Festival 2010 mr. fish?

Winter Kite Festival 2010 Mr. Kite


Still Mr. Fish evades my bait, as lines are tussled, and kites towed.

The 2011 Lake Harriet Winter Kite Festival  is set for Saturday, January 8th. The next Saturday (Jan 15)is selected as a second day if weather prevents the first from occurring.

Thanks to the Minneapolis Park & Recreation Board; People for Parks; and the Linden Hills Neighborhood Council; East Harriet Neighborhood Association;and the MN Kite Society for their sponsorship.