WI Dept of Ag talks grazing at World Dairy Expo in Madison


According to its website, the annual World Dairy Expo, held in Madison, Wisconsin attracts roughly 65,000.  A stage for predominantly conventional approaches – think mechanization and chemicals – the grazing message will get some of the spotlight.  In addition to its display area, on Friday, Oct. 7, visitors will get a chance to attend seminars that’ll describe the financial, environmental and quality-of-life benefits available by adopting a pasture-based strategy on nearly any dairy farm.

In this Deep Roots Radio interview, Dept. of Ag grazing and organic specialist Laura Paine describes how conference speakers will describe how farmers save time and money through grazing. And that can mean significantly increased profitability for farmers willing to practice managed intensive grazing.

For resources and links that’ll help you examine how grazing can fit into your dairy operation, visit the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture web page on this approach. You can reach Laura Paine at 608-224-5120.

Enjoy. [Audio below]