Why did Midday archive Nelson Pallmeyer talk?


Many Minnesotans who seek an in-depth understanding of the important issues of our times regard Minnesota Public Radio (91.1) as their radio station. They see it as an important alternative to the mainstream media – a station that will give them the news that the commercial media ignores, an outlet that will cover more news from the left, a counter to the more conservative slant of the corporate sources.

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Then why didn’t Midday air Jack Nelson Pallmeyer’s Westminster Forum on September 25? For many Minnesotans, Nelson Pallmeyer is the leading progressive thinker in Minnesota. He’s written 12 books, campaigned for the U.S. Senate, and is a professor in the Justice and Peace Studies Program at the University of St. Thomas.
MPR is supposed to be the voice for information not available in the mainstream media. Why couldn’t they let Minnesotans hear our leading progressive thinker on the topic of Building a Movement to Rescue a Nation and Save the Earth???

Was it a programming decision? He had been on the air during the campaign so why should they give him more air time? He’s local – not as important as someone from out of town? Those are not good reasons for archiving his speech.

These are critical times for our nation and it is vital that Minnesotans be able to hear our leading progressive thinker talk on the important issue of building a progressive movement. Nelson Pallmeyer is not less important because he is from Minnesota! When he ran for Senate, he became known to thousands of Minnesotans from all across the state. There is a large Minnesota audience who want to hear Nelson Pallmeyer’s thinking on current topics!

As our alternative to the mainstream media, MPR should not be making decisions based on narrow programming matters. Their decisions should also represent their commitment to Minnesotans – to provide us with options, to let us hear our home grown progressive leaders, to be a real alternative to corporate media!

Terry Burke
Member, Media Committee of W.A.M.M. (Women Against Military Madness)