Who’s running for mayor of Minneapolis?


Eleven people are running for mayor of Minneapolis this year. They are listed, in alphabetical order, with the political party or principle they listed on their application and websites if available:

•    Al Flowers, Democratic-Farmer-Labor, http://www.truthtothepeople.org/
•    Bill McGaughy, New Dignity Party, http://www.newdignityparty.org
•    Bob Carney, Jr., Moderate Progressive Censored
•    Christopher Clark, Libertarian
•    Dick Franson, Democratic-Farmer-Labor, http://www.dickfranson.com/mayor.html
•    James R. Everett, Social Entrepreneurship
•    John Charles Wilson, Edgertonite National Party, http://www.johncharleswilson.name/
•    Joey Lombard, Is Awesome
•    Papa John Kolstad, Independent Civic Leader, http://www.papajohnkolstad.com/
•    R.T. Rybak, Democratic-Farmer-Labor, http://rtrybak.com/
•    Tom Fiske, Socialist Workers Party