“I Love Lucy: Live on Stage” at the State Theatre: Who’s the Real Star of This Funny Show?


I love everything about the 1950’s. The movies, music, dress, TV shows, everything. I love Lucy was very refreshing to see onstage. Each catchy jingle from the 50’s was played as a musical theater performance through a talented ensemble cast. As we became a part of the show as the studio audience of the taped episodes, I felt like I was really there, watching the show, seeing all the ads from the 50’s and realizing just how far technology has come with television recordings. With a mix of musical jingles ad musical theater, this show comes out close to the top.


The televised I Love Lucy was a groundbreaking TV show that ran from 1951 to 1957. In it, Lucy (Lucille Ball) and Ricky (Desi Arnaz) were a regular couple who came across hilarious situations. For instance, in an episode that was “taped” onstage titled “The Benefit”, Lucy and Ricky finally come to terms that Lucy cannot sing as well as Ricky. When he is asked to sing for a benefit, Lucy gets jealous and tries to sing along with him but at that point they decided to go with jokes and not tunes.


From seeing episodes, pictures, clips and memorabilia from the TV series, I was completely stunned. When the beautiful but charming Thea Brooks and the handsome Euriamis Losada came out as Lucy and Ricky, I was convinced for a very long time that I went back in time and was seeing the original actors in Hollywood. Though the amazing couple took on the iconic roles with almost identical voices, mannerisms, talent and look, the people to think about are the hair, and costume designers. Their talent is what I could not keep my eyes off of. Their team is headed by Shon LeBlanc for costumes and Diane Martinous for Original Hair/Wig Design. Going back the next day and seeing those two episodes, from the show, on television, made my jaw drop more because of really how real it was. 


After my eyes got adjusted to the amazing visuals and talents of the looks, and the fantastic replication of the characters, my ears tuned to the voice.  Sure, Lucy is charming and funny and Thea Brooks played it with ease, there is one voice that astounded me. That of the Cuban actor/singer Euriamis Losada who portrays Ricky. Towards the end of the show, in the second episode, “Lucy Has Her Eyes Examined”, Ricky sings a beautiful version of both “Babalu” and “El Cubancherro.” Having both musical theater and Cuban style talents, this was the best part of the show. As Losada sang each note and belted in beautiful, long, tones, he was definitely the stand out performer.    


The complete package of cast, music, costumes and makeup, will definitely have you want to shout “I Love Lucy” at the historic State Theater, performing now through the 20th and all the way home from the theater.