Where’s Ifrah?


Was it something she wrote? Was it something we said? Why isn’t “Ask a Somali” in the Daily Planet?

The questions just keep coming, so let me offer some answers and a promise. The promise first: Ifrah says she’ll be back in May! We will be very happy to welcome her back to the Daily Planet, where her popular column stirred interest and comments every week.

And no, the reason for her prolonged absence is not anything she wrote or anything that anyone said. As she said back in January:

I’ve always considered myself blessed for the good fortune that’s been given to me, even in spite of the hardships I’ve had to endure along the way. That being said,  life still isn’t perfume and roses, and in the last little while I’ve had more challenges I’ve had to rise to, with my other jobs, my family here, my family abroad, and the situation of my brothers and sisters still in Somalia.  In light of all of this, I’ve decided to take a short break from Ask A Somali.

Ifrah and I got together last week in one of her favorite places, First Cup Cafe (2740 Minnehaha Avenue, Minneapolis), and she told me about her busy life. She has changed jobs, and has family coming for a long visit, but she is looking forward to writing again, soon. 

She asks that you send questions now (askasomali@gmail.com), so she can start thinking about them and gathering information. 

We’re counting down the weeks until May!