Where Pete Wentz (and you) can shop instead of going to Target


Even rock stars have to save a little money here and there. Who knows whether this weekend’s Simpson/Wentz sighting at a Los Angeles-area Target will spark calls for a boycott of either lip-sycher singer’s music – in the past, Wentz has cultivated an image as an outspoken advocate for LGBT equality – but if you’re a star trying to avoid their faux pas, or an angry member of the LGBTQA community just trying to boycott Target, the pop culture blog Jezebel and Minnesota’s own Randi Reitan have some tips for where to get the same kinds of goods without spending an arm and a leg or going to Wal-Mart.

Household staples are pretty easy – Rainbow, Cub, Econo Foods, and others all carry much of what you’d need on a daily basis. But what about clothes? In an email to TheColu.mn, Reitan said she’s now shopping at Kohl’s for childrens’ clothes, and said the prices are comparable; Jezebel points out that JC Penny and Old Navy have plenty of selection, too. Most of all, Reitan said, she’s looking at redirecting her dollars to smaller stores around her area, from toy shops to hardware stores.

“I realize now how important it is to frequent those places that are owned by the people who take care of you when you come into the store,” Reitan wrote. “This has gone beyond the fact that Target was supporting one of the most anti-gay candidates in the state. It has made me really think about my shopping habits. I want to support the smaller stores. I want to be able to talk to the person who owns the store. The CEO of Target is so insulated from the public, he doesn’t know or care about the individual shoppers. I tried numerous times to talk to someone at Target headquarters who could discuss the $150,000 they gave to Emmer only to be told not to call them anymore. I will respect their wishes. I won’t be calling them anymore. I also won’t be shopping there anymore.”