When things go well


When things go well, it can make a hell of difference in life. You breathe easier more often, can pull together a little confidence and actually get a few things accomplished.

Pursuant to which, there was a guest appearance with Verona Mitchell on her BlogTalk Radio show myCultural Conversations.  Subsequently, I’ve been contributing to the program’s e-zine.  Out of nowhere, MN Spokesman-Recorder, around the same time, began serializing “One Going, One Staying”, the Essence Magazine short story – romantic fiction — as “Black & Single Blues”.  After a couple interesting story conferences with the senior editor, Jerry Freeman, the series started to click with readers.  Now, it’s getting a good number of hits at MSR’s website.  Plus, the timing is perfect — one year anniversay — for Papyrus Publishing, Inc. to issue the collection of essays, Something I Said on Kindle.  Damned thing sold completely out as something you can put on a shelf.  Oughta do pretty good elecronically.  Especially if I promote it right.  Gonna be talking to Verona, China La’Mour at Tha Strawberry Lounge (BlogTalk Radio), Lissa Jones at Urban Agenda (KMOJ), Kinshasha Kambui at Health From The Heart Of A Natural Woman (KFAI) and my man Bill Borea at Soapbox (MTN) about some airtime. 

Meanwhile, happy as a pig in shit that the mix of Angels Don’t Really Fly (BeatBad Records EP-CD) sounds great.  Maybe do the mastering just after May, if money don’t get funny.  It’s got a gang of monsters with me — Alicia Wiley, Jeff “Boday” Christensen” (guitar), Yohannes Tona (bass), Stan Kipper (percussion, vocals) and Chico Perez (congas) from New Primitives and arrangements by J.D. Steele.  

So, I guess I’ll be staying out of trouble and off the streets for the time being.