This is what democracy (parades) look like


“This is what democracy looks like” has become a classic chant, but I’m not much of a chanter. Maybe that’s why I pull out the camera. “Sorry, can’t chant, I’m recording!” My motives being whatever they are, I marched with a big bunch of DFLers in the May Day Parade in Minneapolis on Sunday and recorded bits of it. The campaigns of Keith Ellison, Mark Dayton, Al Franken, and Betsy Hodges were there, and several other candidates and elected officials will appear below. If you want to participate in grassroots politics, but you’re not comfortable knocking on strangers’ doors or making cold calls to people who may not want to talk to you, join some candidate you support at a parade. Even just being there, you help your candidate tell parade watchers that you’re asking for their vote and not taking it for granted, which hopefully was a message conveyed Sunday.