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Among this week’s many reader comments:

Simple question, simple solution for I.T. at U of M: Give Me the $20K and I’ll Give You A New Name. “College of Engineering and Sciences.” Now where’s my money?

Not so simple: Minn. Stat. 116.07 isn’t related to xmsn

Old arguments never die: The boomer approach to Vietnam? Cripes, we had been helping the french try to hold onto that expensive piece of real estate (to them) since 1951, and when they couldn’t defeat them with our assistance of bombs, tanks and what have you, proceeded to bomb and expend as much firepower as the allies did during ww2. I’m sorry but the American war needs a better understanding than this as does this review. Odd approach to an even odder review of a movie which superficially looks like one of his old ones.

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