Weekly Highlights – November 29-30


The lost children of Laos: Advocating for liberation of detained Hmong youth by Michael Solis, Hmong Today • Worn fabrics and remnants of personal belongings hang from the ceiling bars, impeding the flow of sunshine through tiny windows. The mixed, stagnating stench of food, urine, human waste, and unwashed bodies permeates the air of the cramped living space where people have to eat, toilet, and sleep. Small and fragile silhouettes peer through the light wondering what lies beyond the bars, guards, and locks.

transmission_tower.jpgXcel plans substation, high power lines in Phillips by Lauretta Dawolo Towns, TC Daily Planet • Xcel Energy plans to build two substations in South Minneapolis, connecting them with high power transmission lines. Xcel says the new substations are essential to meet increased demand for electricity in the community and to replace an outdated distribution system. Residents in the Phillips neighborhood and advocates for the Midway Greenway want more answers before Xcel gets a green light from regulators.

Has there been any decent architecture in St. Paul in the last 30 years? by Jay Gabler, TC Daily Planet • My friend dropped a gauntlet: “Name one building that’s gone up in St. Paul in the last 20 years that you’d look at and say, ‘Now that’s great architecture.’ Or 30 years—I’ll even give you 30 years!” I put his challenge to some local architecture experts; here’s what they had to say.

MUSIC | Cloud Cult on the Bowery by Dustin Luke Nelson, TC Daily Planet • NEW YORK CITY—One song deep into the set at the Bowery Ballroom and Craig Minowa leans into the mike, his signature green visor with eyes stenciled into the brim reflecting the red light hanging above the crowd, and points at the glockenspiel to his left. They are improvising a bit tonight. Their keyboard has gone M.I.A., but true to form, Cloud Cult find a way for this to become a positive thing. Instead of cutting songs or trimming the set, they try to make the show something special, something different. The bells will replace the keys.