“We wanted lots of blood and guts and gore as much as you did …”


Comments are running as high as August temperatures this week. Douglas McGill’s article on the Oromo people of Ethiopia and politicking in Minnesota triggered lots of comments, ranging from “Genuine integrity to the truth” to “rubbish eyegougeing lie.”

The Fringe Bloggers were not far behind. (The headline is actually from a comment on a Fringe blog.) Among my favorites is this somewhat inscrutable entry:

“The unfolding ‘real’ life current events surrounding CERN LHC/ALICE/ATLAS, are eerily similar to ‘Shift’ (from what I read here). The streaming forward indicators are predicting an unusual occurence, in the near 2009-2019 future. The possible reconstruction of the ‘Standard Model’, and thus the reconfiguration of the ‘Cosmological Model’ as well.

“Remember: Follow the ‘White Rabbit’!”

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