We must let go


Then this day, a poem unfolding with the voice of someone who lives in the West:

~We Must Let Go~
We must let go of the way we are living
To just survive here,
To just get by here,
In these fabricated places
Where we just endure here,
Clinging to all the manufactured illusions of joy,
When rationally, there shouldn’t have been any joy here
This way.
Let’s let go of our air-conditioned hell.
We manifest hell in places we don’t even have to see
With the “kind assistance” of “those with a price”.
There is another land of cool streams and radiant living skies.
In the realm of the Heart
Paradise is now!
Dear friends,
Though it’s not pain-free,
Loosen your grip on luxuriant lies
Before they’re ripped from you.
All will be lost
And all can be gained.