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The 13-year-old who made his plea for “More soccer fields, please” continues to get comments:

The anonymous “Grinch” weighs in again, still very unhappy with the idea that someone is helping or encouraging children to campaign for soccer fields: “Children are too susceptible to the influence of those who would manipulate them for their own self-purpose. An extreme example of this type of manipulation would be children molested by adults …” MORE

David Wooley opines that any flat ground could be a soccer field, without spending lots of money. MORE

Bruce Leier says “Anonymous” convinced him to support soccer fields: “I was kind of neutral to soccer field at Powderhorn, until your diatribe. … By the way, I think it is great that we can hear from our grand-children. I think it is very short-sighted to put them down for writing about issues that are important to them.” MORE

Eric Cantona calls soccer “the people’s game,” and asks “How can anyone deny a child an opportunity to play? Let alone the most popular game in the world?” MORE

Other comments:

Responding to Economic development lessons from ethanol, a concerned citizen says that ethanol would not stay afloat without taxpayer subsidies. MORE

A poll showed recently that half of all Americans are cutting back on health care, but Sarahi N says they can get free health care at “Take Care” clinics at Walgreens. MORE That doesn’t sound likely to me, especially since the Strib’s Whistleblower recently confirmed that Walgreens is charging Medicare and Medicaid recipients more for prescription drugs, and refuses to give them the advertised price of $1 a week on specified generic prescriptions. Does anyone else have info on Walgreens “charitable” care?

An anonymous reader responded to Mpls police chief Tim Dolan’s defense of officers in the Fong Lee shooting: “Up until the Fong Lee incident he has generally used good judgment and shown strong leadership skills. His recent handling of the allegations in the Fong Lee shooting is, at best, disappointing.” MORE

Another anonymous reader doesn’t believe the chief and doesn’t think you should either: “Perhaps people think to themselves, “A police officer! How can I doubt the word of a person sworn to uphold the law?” Please, fellow citizens, get over that.” MORE

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