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On Minneapolis Park Board has pattern of problems with free speech, Meadowlark Lemon writes: Every couple of years the city council wags the dog, shakes down or shuts down viable, sustainable job growth to take the preassure of the issues they want to see slip through their cracks. If you think ‘the city’ isn’t going to exploit land now managed by MPRB then you haven’t been paying attention. MORE

On Ethanol, bugs, and drugs, commenters disagree vehemently.

Anonymous #1 protests “So antibiotics are supposedly just another “normal” component of what goes into our mouths???? If antibiotics are approved as a “human food additive”, it’s proof positive that lobbying interests in the name of making money trump the interest of public safety.” MORE

“Thoughtful” disagrees: “So the boogyman here is, as the writer says … the “funky biology of fermentation using enzymes and yeast”. Well I guess that means we should all stop eating cheese and drinking beer, among other things, that rely on that same “funky biology” MORE

Robert Howarth recommends “a new international science-based report on biofuels and environment published last week.” MORE

An articulate 13-year-old who wrote to us with a plea for More soccer fields, please also got a couple of contrasting comments.

Anonymous wrote “How disgusting that guilt and a child would be used to forward a cause. I resent this obvious manipulation. Clearly the goal is to portray those who oppose the fields as child hating Grinches.” MORE

But Diego Maradona liked the article, writing: “I applaud this young man for writing and expressing his views. Any activity that positively engages the youths of today and keeps them active is good for them and the community.” MORE

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