Wayfinding Bikes popping up in St. Paul


As you travel through the Saint Anthony Park Neighborhood, you might start noticing painted bikes over the next few weeks as part of the Wayfinding Art Bike Project.

The Wayfinding Art Bike project is collaboration between Saint Anthony Park Community Council, Minnesota State Arts Board, Irrigate Arts and artist Carrie Christensen. The bikes will be placed around the Saint Anthony Park area to increase awareness of bike and pedestrian safety.

The bikes, in addition to creating awareness and encouraging bike and pedestrian safety, supports creative infrastructure for promoting biking and walking in the neighborhood.

“The Wayfinding art bikes not only raises awareness of bikes and pedestrians by being highly visible to cars, but they are also meant to inspire people to walk and bike more by providing information on the time and distance to key locations in the community,” Christensen said.

Christensen began the project last summer by working with the community of Saint Anthony to figure out bike location, developing the bike signs, and transforming the fleet of Wayfinding art bikes. Most of the bikes have been donated by residents of Saint Anthony Park and the surrounding area, but even more bikes have recently been donated by Mr. Michael Recycles Bicycles on University Avenue.

Not only the Saint Anthony Park community, but also the online community have had a positive response to the project. Christensen said she has seen Wayfinding art bikes popping up over social media, blogs and other online media.

“All the positive response has really expanded the scope of the project beyond our neighborhood,” Christensen said.

The Wayfinding bike art is open to the community, and Christensen encourages those interested to contact her.

“If you are affiliated with Saint Anthony Park or the Creative Enterprise Zone in any way you are welcome to get in touch if you want to be a lead artist or on a transformation team. You can be an artist or a transformation team if you live, work, go to school, or consider yourself part of the Saint Anthony Park Community,” Christensen said.

Carrie can be reached at carrieannchristensen at gmail dot com.

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