Water is not a beverage when it comes to the Dome


by Jean Gabler | July 23, 2009 • I am off tomorrow for a week of vacation. I have my satellite radio packed so I will be able to catch the Twins games while I am away. It should be two good series against the White Sox and the Angels. It seems that the Twins play a better game against the stronger teams.

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Lately, however, the Twins have just not been playing good baseball. These late night games against the West Coast teams are hard because usually they don’t start until 9 pm here. And then when you stay up late only to have them throw away the game it can be really frustrating, I know I have said several times that baseball is not only about winning and statistics. But when you care about something passionately it is hard not to be disappointed in a bad game. And, of course, winning is always more fun that losing. The great thing about baseball though is that we only have to wait until tomorrow to have another chance to get it right. Tonight we play again and this time we will win. And the White Sox are playing the Tigers for the next three days. That is a win-win for the Twins because at least one of them will be losing. That’s a lot of win and Twins – sorry if you’re not keeping up. I think the other problem with the Twins is that the sports writers and radio personalities are so quick to talk about how terrible the players are, how bad the manager is, how the Pohlads just won’t spend the money to get a winning team, how their isn’t anyone to bring up from the minors that can solve their problems, etc., etc. How many times can we hear that they need to get rid of Delmon Young or that Punto just can’t do the job or that Redmond has to go before we start thinking the same thing? And how do the players feel when they keep hearing all these negative comments? As much as they say they don’t listen, there is no way to avoid it if you want to listen to sports or read the sports page. All those negative comments have to get stuck in their heads. You know how the saying goes – You are only as good as you think you are. What I really wanted to let you know today is something exciting that I just discovered. You know that the Twins do not allow any outside beverages in the Metrodome. There is a sign at every entrance and it is announced as you approach the Dome. However, did you know that water is not considered a beverage? I recently was reading an article about cheap things to do with your kids. They talked about taking the family to a major league baseball game. They said that all major league ballparks (except the Houston Astros’) allow you to bring in bottled water! I can’t tell you how many $4.00 bottles of water I have bought over the years at the Dome! I do think they may still take the cap off your bottled water so be prepared for that. I plan to bring water in my own bottle and save on the plastic bottle. I will let you know how that works. But you can definitely bring in your own bottled water. And, if you don’t know this, you can bring in any food that you want to the Metrodome. So you can actually take a group to a game and have it be a reasonable outing. So get to a Twins game next week. It should be good baseball and you can save some money by packing your own water. Have a good week.