SATURDAY PICK | Serious fun at the Washburn A Mill Tour


Chances are you dig these cities we live in; and there’s a lot to like too. The Mill City complex, situated in the scenic part of downtown, is definitely one reason, and is as historic as it is beautiful … and also highly photographed. It’s no coincidence that the old mill is situated on the Mississippi RIver—that river being the energy source that brought work and people up north to Minnesota. The Washburn A Mill Tour takes you on a guided walkabout of the building—the only opportunity of its kind, actually. I know it sounds like a glorified grade school field trip, but it’s more than just a history lesson. I took my sister to “visit the most explosive museum in the world” last spring and we both still talk about how much random weird fun we had. When else are you going to get to take a picture with a giant box of Bisquick?

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