VIDEO: Perske attacks Emmer for “Threatening” divisive record, Emmer has no response


During Monday’s 6th Congressional District debate in St. Cloud, Minnesota DFL candidate Joe Perske chose to spend his final remarks calling GOP runner Tom Emmer bullying, divisive and uncooperative. When Emmer was asked to rebuttal, he declined to answer. The candidate elected will take over Michele Bachmann’s seat.

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“This is difficult for me to say because I’ve always been taught to be a nice polite person,” Perske starts off. “Tom has been very dividing. Very divisive. Even in his own party. In the legislature he’s been bullying, threatening … He has a record of being uncooperative.”

Perske then goes on to discuss Emmer’s DWI arrests, and accuses Emmer of being “self-serving.”

When the moderator asks Emmer if he’d like a one minute rebuttal, Emmer responds with “Ah, no. Thank you for having me today.”

Watch the whole encounter in the video below: