Video: Gelfand on New Viking Stadium



Former KQ Morning Show reality check and sports guru Mike Gelfand takes a cynic’s aim at the new Viking Stadium on the current edition of Democratic Visions. The Crystal Cathedral like monument to men who play football and their corporate patrons and politicians (who play games with public wisdom, dollars and common sense) is a major irritant to Audubon Society types who view it as a wall of death for birds. Our feathered friends, they correctly claim, will crash into the stadium’s glass sheeting and die.


During the course of his comment, Gelfand reminds us that during the construction of the Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome in 1981 (recently deflated and leveled to make way for the new stadium), KSTP-TV’s news magazine Sunday Extra featured “The Dome Report” updates. These were parodies of, highly hyped, local TV investigative units such as WCCO-TV’s The I-Team, KSTP’s own On Your Behalf with Neil Murray and ABC’s Nightline with Ted Koppel.


“The Dome Reports” were fronted by KUOM Radio personality John Barnier. Steve Sanger and I produced them. StarTribune illustrator and cartoonist L.K. Hanson is featured in one the spoofs that Gelfand here encores for the first time since 1981.


One of our goals on Democratic Visions is to inject humor, parody and satire back into the political life of Minnesota. Local political correctness commandos, gossipy Tweeters, Facebook fakers and smart phone pundits currently get far more attention than their Jr. High outbursts and trends merit. When it comes to smart punditry and satire on Minnesota broadcast TV and radio, we are left starving. So, here’s Gelfand. Gelfand is Yiddish for “elephant.”



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