Vacant houses in St. Paul


I have been following this for a few years now and you won’t find many if any articles about vacant houses in St. Paul.  There is a registered vacant building list that the city has and most of the buildings on the list are homes.  Not all vacant buildings have to be registered so we don’t really know how many vacant homes or buildings there are in the city but it seems like there are still too many.  Many of the homes on the market are vacant and they do not show up on any list.  

In January of 2008 we had 2031 registered vacant buildings in the city.  Each month since then the number has gone down.  There are  1422 registered vacant buildings on the list right now but the number has stopped going down in the last few months and some months it goes up but a house or two. 

Nation wide at one point there were 19 million vacant houses.  The most recent article I could find on the subject indicates that there are 14.3 million vacant homes.   No one likes to live next door to a vacant house.  A high vacancy rate is not good for any neighborhood. 

If your St. Paul home is vacant don’t forget to let your insurance company know.  Winterize your home before October 15th and be kind to your neighbors.  Have the gas turned off and keep the walks cleared in the winter. 

You must register your vacant home with the city if it meets the following criteria:

You must register this building with St. Paul Department of Safety and Inspections, Vacant/Nuisance Buildings Code Enforcement Unit if the building is unoccupied and:

  1. Unsecured, or
  2. Secured by other than normal means (boarded), or
  3. A dangerous structure, or
  4. Condemned as uninhabitable, or
  5. Condemned or Vacated by Fire Marshal Certificate of Occupancy Program, or
  6. Has multiple housing or Building Code violations, or
  7. Is condemned and illegally occupied, or
  8. Has been unoccupied for a period of time longer than one year during which time the Enforcement Officer has issued an order to correct nuisance conditions.

For more information visit the St. Paul City web site