THURSDAY PICK | Uptown Cafeteria: Designed for relaxation


It took me a while to really appreciate the design of Parasole’s Uptown Cafeteria and Support Group. At first glance, it’s a pretty lucid and simple gimmick—oh, right, cafeteria theme. Trays on the walls, lunch lady photos over the urinals, cute. But I keep returning to Cafeteria, and though the unpretentious and nicely priced happy hour food menu is one reason for that, the bright, appealing, smart design doesn’t hurt. With a distinctive blue-and-orange palette, NYC-based Moschella + Roberts created a space that feels both comfy and classy. If you can stomach the two-figure cocktail prices—and if the jumpy Parasole doesn’t shut Cafeteria down before the thaw—the Skybar is an excellent alternative to the crowded spray-tan meat market on the roof of Stella’s.