COMMUNITY VOICES | The Uptake’s film on marriage equality – Minnesota Style


Our friends at The Uptake have gathered hundreds of hours of streaming and taped video of the campaign for marriage equality in Minnesota.  Michael McIntee and his colleagues at the citizen-driven, Internet video news service are hoping to make a documentary for national distribution on how marriage equality prevailed in Minnesota.  Their project needs to raise $21,211 through the Quickstarter fund raising mechanism by 11:59 p.m., September 6.  Mike McIntee has told me that if that amount is not raised by the September deadline that the film will not be made.  I think it is a story that has national import and should be told.

Three weeks ago, The Uptake’s Bill Sorem asked me to help he and McIntee record Minnesota’s first, legal, same sex weddings at Minneapolis City Hall at midnight on August 1st.   I also assisted them at a pre-ceremonies celebration at a packed and celebratory Wilde Roast Restaurant.  McIntee and Sorem were live-streaming interviews of couples, activists and political supporters of the marriage equality campaign that I was recruiting from the celebrants.  It was the best time I’ve had in a tavern since my grad school days in Athens, Ohio.

The perceptive comments and the informal and emotional pageantry, vows and hugs of the evening that we capture, however, is only a portion of an archive of several years of unwavering Uptake coverage of the marriage equality movement.

The defeat of the State Constitution amendment referendum question on the November 2012 ballot and the legalization of same-sex marriage just six months later are well documented.  But only The Uptake has a large enough video archive for a major documentary. 

If the full amount is not raised by the September 6 deadline, your donation will not be processed.  You keep your money.  If the deadline goal of $31,211 is reached or surpassed, your gift will help complete the film and is tax deductible. 

I agree with McIntee and Sorem, this Minnesota story needs to be told.  Click here to view the video promo that I have produced for the project using some of the footage that will show up in the documentary.