University of St. Thomas, Robert Delahunty, Gitmo and the legacy of torture


The University of Saint Thomas employs a man that I believe is a war criminal. Robert Delahunty teaches at their law school. Ironically, Delahunty teaches constitutional law. Delahunty co-wrote the infamous Torture Memo with John Yoo that provided the rationalization the Bush Administration needed to begin torturing anyone they wanted. Sadly, the Obama Administration has defended torture and taken steps to expand their unitary power.

With the elimination of habeaus corpus, our government can nab anyone, including American citizens, off the streets anywhere (including the US) and detain them indefinitely. Yoo and Delahunty provided the legal justification to torture anyone our government wants to.

Lakhdar Boumediene was held without charge, without grounds and was tortured for 7 years.

ON Wednesday, America’s detention camp at Guantánamo Bay will have been open for 10 years. For seven of them, I was held there without explanation or charge. During that time my daughters grew up without me. They were toddlers when I was imprisoned, and were never allowed to visit or speak to me by phone. Most of their letters were returned as “undeliverable,” and the few that I received were so thoroughly and thoughtlessly censored that their messages of love and support were lost.

Some American politicians say that people at Guantánamo are terrorists, but I have never been a terrorist. Had I been brought before a court when I was seized, my children’s lives would not have been torn apart, and my family would not have been thrown into poverty. It was only after the United States Supreme Court ordered the government to defend its actions before a federal judge that I was finally able to clear my name and be with them again.
(NY Times)

His story is frightening, compeling and well worth readying.

The University of St. Thomas plays a part in the sad legacy of torture. They provide haven for a war criminal, Thomas Delahunty.

Didn’t the Vatican condemn the detention and torture occurring at Gitmo? Isn’t St. Thomas Catholic? How is it that St. Thomas doesn’t mind employing a man who participated in crimes against humanity?

The Obama Administration and far too many Democrats do not have the spine to prosecute the war crimes that occurred under the Bush Administration. In fact, the Obama Administration has expanded these powers.

Personally, I think its wrong that Robert Delahunty participated in crimes against humanity as defined by the Geneva Convention yet has faced no consequences.

I think its time America face up to the truth about torture, about Iraq, about the War on Terror and put justice ahead of expediency.