University Alliance expands home-ownership program


The University District Partnership Alliance (UDPA) has expanded its home-ownership pilot project, originally open to those over 64 years of age, to residents of all ages within the two target areas: an eight-block section of Southeast Como and six blocks of Marcy-Holmes.

The “demonstration project” aims to help people who may be planning to move from their homes, now or in the future, with the transition process, while keeping the home from being converted into rental property after it is sold. Residents who want to participate in the program would give the alliance an option to purchase their home and would receive relocation assistance and advice when ready to sell.

UDPA sub-committee member Katie Fournier said that letters were to be sent in late September to all homeowners in the pilot areas. In October, UDPA will gauge interest by sending letters to everyone in the UDPA neighborhoods: Southeast Como, Marcy-Holmes, Prospect Park, University and Cedar-Riverside. The UDPA hopes “to demonstrate to potential funders that, if we had more money, we would be able to do a lot,” said Fournier.

She said that two or three residents had signed on to the program by mid-September, and that six or seven others were expected to sign on soon.

The alliance has made progress on other fronts, including compiling an online listing of homes for sale in the University District and its “live-where-you-work” initiative. Watch in the future for a UDPA website, including descriptions of each of the neighborhoods, compiled by the alliance and debuted at the Como Cookout on Sept. 20.