UnConvention yard-sign contest: And the winners are…


by Paul Schmelzer, 7/31/08 • The votes in The UnConvention’s “My Yard, Our Message” project have been tallied –nearly 1,000 people casting more than 24,000 votes — and the winners are in. While I’m sorry to say the “Dick Cheney Shot a Guy in the Face” yard sign is not among the 50 signs that’ll be produced and distributed in the neighborhooods near the Republican National Convention site in St. Paul, the final selection has some strong entries.

The top vote-getter, receiving 130 votes, was Teri Kwant’s sign, “I’m for preemptive peace.

Others making the cut: “Give a shit” by “Liza Minelli” (or, perchance, Liza Minelli?);

David Brynestad’s “My redneck, sexist, gun-toting, racist brother-in-law is voting” (“Are you?”);

and Joseph Hughes’ simple sign that shows a checkbox with the first of two options marked: hope and fear.

The 50 designs will be distributed in yards in St. Paul’s Dayton’s Bluff, St. Paul’s West Side and Minneapolis’ Seward neighborhoods. But if you don’t live in those communities, you can still plant one in your yard: $20 gets one delivered to your door. Once you do, you can add your sign to a Google Maps application that pinpoints where they end up.