Trivia Mafia: Pub Quiz Central


by Erica Mauter | March 26, 2009 • Occasionally someone asks or tries to round up all the pub quiz/trivia activity in the Twin Cities. I’m still not sure that’s been done in a truly comprehensive fashion, but there’s a new source to throw into the mix. Dedicated pub quiz host Chuck Terhark tweeted along his new site, Trivia Mafia (and, of course, @triviamafia). is a cityblog for and about life in the Twin Cities, published by Erica Mauter. Contact

They’ve got a listing of pub quiz events, which at the moment consists of Chuck and Sean’s Trivia at the 331 Club and then a bunch of Green Mill locations. Obviously there are plenty more in town, so I’m thinking this is Chuck and Sean’s personally-endorsed list of trivia events that they are somehow affiliated with. Or else they just haven’t fleshed it out yet as the site is less than a month old.

Point being, as I mentioned before, it’s yet another place to locate pub quiz events any night of the week. Poke around the site; there are all sorts of multi- and social-media features.

There will be a cheating team hall of shame, so beware. Put the mobile devices away!