Tour de Fletcher in solidarity with RNC8 in Minneapolis


About 35 people met at Powderhorn Park to ride as part of the National Day of Solidarity with the RNC8. The TOUR de Fletcher started to visit the three homes in Hennepin County raided by Sheriff Bob Fletcher of Ramsey County, along with the FBI.

Bikers kept an amicable, slow pace ride with some of the bike police cordially mixing with some of the back field. At the first stop, with the bike police stationed across the street, there was some explanation of events that took place during the weekend prior to the 2008 RNC (Republican National Convention). Then the group moved on to the next site, ambling along at a leisurely pace.

At the second site some chalk was distributed, and sentiments inscribed. The rabble roused, and we had pleasant sunshine, exercising the right to ride and the right to speak.

Police presence was heavy, with four bike patrol officers always there, and with four police cars, three marked and one unmarked, following, and who knows what force at standby.

At the third raided house, another witness told what transpired as the Ramsey County authorities ran a raid the weekend prior to the 2008 RNC. Then it was a ride to Walker Community Church for lunch.