Tou Saiko Lee on the BK “Whopper Virgin” campaign


December 24, 2008. “In the remote Hill tribe villages of Thailand, they do know what hamburgers are but they do not like to eat them at all and know how unhealthy they are. My brief take on the Burger King commercial that had Hill Tribe villagers trying Burgers for the first time is that yes it is exploitation and made the tribal folks out to not know too much but it was also seeing Hmong people on national television in such a way that I hope peeks the interest of young Hmong Americans to explore how we lived as Hill Tribes in the mountains and how much our people have struggled and are still in those conditions…” From Travel in Spirals, blog of Tou Saiko Lee

Tou SaiKo Lee is a spoken word and hip hop artist/activist, born on a refugee camp in Thailand raised in New York and currently residing in Minnesota. He is part of a dynamic hip hop duo called Delicious Venom and lead MC for a socially conscious funk, hip hop band called PosNoSys: Post Nomadic Syndrome.

Tou Saiko Lee is currently traveling in Thailand, looking for Hmong artists, musicians and traditional poets and family members, and exploring the Hmong way of life in Thailand. Despite limited internet access, he is blogging about his experience.

For the heated debate on the BK “Whopper Virgin” campaign, see Minnesota Hmong protest against the BK “Whopper Virgin” campaign and the comment section that follows.

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